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Re-design of the famous Honda Civic

Par Tech Me Out :: 24/02/2009 à 06:59

Redesigned Honda Civic, the famous model and to the outer shape of new changes and the advantages of modern technology to users, such as the transmission link in the chain of audio processing in addition to all the 2009 Civic models with anti-lock brakes.

And a new design for the Civic model of new standards for this category of car with a unique combination brings together the external design future, and advanced technology and exceptional performance, in spite of the presence of the Honda Civic in the Gulf markets for more than 3 years, but the fame and popularity continues to grow and also the volume of annual sales in the region.

  There was no engine any amendments to the current Premier, which has remained the same engine DOHC i-VTEC 4 Slinderat a capacity of 8 .1 liter capacity of generating 138 horsepower, and provides automatic transmission 5-speed performance with a smooth and comfortable, which increases the excitement of sports and the high efficiency of fuel consumption .


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